Proud of What We Do

Award-winning services that benefit local industry partners and local Aboriginal people

Based in Roebourne, Western Australia, Brida supplies grounds maintenance, cleaning services, landscaping, labour hire and process infrastructure maintenance throughout the coastal Pilbara.

Owned by Ngarliyarndu Bindirri Aboriginal Corporation and successfully governed by local Aboriginal people, Brida is an award-winning organisation, setting the standard in professional service and community enterprise.

Operating within Ngarliyarndu (the coastal Pilbara) on Ngarluma ngurra (Ngarluma land), Brida draws strength from a long history of struggle for a ‘fair day’s work and a fair day’s pay’. Brida’s vision and wisdom is represented by our Board of senior lawmen from a range of local language groups, guided by a Chairperson of Ngarluma heritage.

Aside from supporting our clients and staff with world-class reliable services, all of the benefits generated by Brida flow back to the community of Roebourne.

When accepting Brida’s 2018 Award for Best Social Enterprise our Chairperson, David Walker, explained it best when he said ‘We don’t just count the numbers, we count families we touch and the smiles’.

In the words of our clients

  • We have seen a substantial improvement... both town and sites (KGP is best I’ve seen it). Vacant and transit housing are neat tidy and green. Plan compliance is at 92%, an absolute credit to Brida our indigenous grounds contractor. Credit to Sodexo and Brida for collaborating to refine scopes, plans and improve communication to achieve the above.

    Peter Balfe (Woodside Energy Ltd) Woodside
  • Tasman Power personally came to see me to let me know the exceptional job the Brida Cleaners are doing at Cape. All our team members are amazing and deliver a high standard of work.

    Supervisor (Rio Tinto Cape Lambert) Rio Tinto
  • Team members are approached in the field all the time, receiving complements for their work. The Brida Cleaning Team Leader was thanked personally from Jamie Robinson (GM Cape Lambert) and asked to pass on the message to the team for the high standard of work that he has seen at Cape Lambert a couple of weeks ago.

    Supervisor (Rio Tinto Cape Lambert) Rio Tinto
  • Jamie was full of praise for the Brida teams out at the Cape, and said he was very happy with the service provided and went as far as saying that the standard of work being provided is the best he has seen on site. So well done to the Brida teams for their excellent effort they are consistently putting in.

    Jamie Robinson (Rio Tinto Cape Lambert) Rio Tinto
  • I would just like to pass along a big thanks to the Brida Ground Maintenance Team for the level of detail throughout the TOTS.  It’s hard to recognise that it’s the same location we inspected only a couple of weeks ago. By no means did that look like an easy task for the Team, so well done on the efforts. Great turn-around!

    Clark Larcombe (Woodside Energy Ltd) Woodside Energy Ltd
  • Just following up from LIF today regarding the phone call I received from a Brida team member regarding an unlocked DB board in the PPT Dumper Cab, an action to come out of the phone call was to check the locks in both CD3 &CD4 sub stations. In doing so we found another DB Board unlocked in the CD4 sub. I congratulated them on their safe behaviour for calling me via phone and reporting this, and I told them I would pass this onto their supervisor. Well worth a positive safety share at your next PSI and to acknowledge and congratulate the guys personally for their safety behaviours on site.

    Daniel Johnson (Rio Tinto Dampier) Rio Tinto Dampier
  • I’m pleased to report that our Make a Difference nomination for the installation of hand railing to eliminate the working at heights hazard in the Kangaroo Hill Gardens was the winner for March! Great job Alf in presenting at the HSE meeting today, for the others involved and for the BRIDA team in being pro-active in calling this out as a hazard that we have long accepted.

    Phil Arnott (Rio Tinto Dampier) Rio Tinto Dampier
  • I’d just like to pass on some great feedback about your Cleaning Supervisor, who has recently been attending the site ‘leadership in field’ sessions and really representing the site services group.  She actively looks for different leaders to pair up with each time in order to learn from and coach each other, and is constantly looking for improvements that she can take back to her own team. She is a great example of our contract partners embracing the true partnership model, and is a credit to the Brida and site services team.

    Alisha Malarski (Rio Tinto Cape Lambert) Rio Tinto Cape Lambert
  • Just wanted to report back that your gardening lads undertook a sterling performance regards the tree lopping. I attended the pre-start/ JHA review with Phil this morning, and on the whole it was a good engagement from my perspective. Consideration around demarcation for job set-up and hazard ID had been given, with Q&A interactive to ensure complete understandings pre-task commencement. All waste material was removed and the job site left in a good manner. Pleasing to witness. Appreciate your support to help us out.

    Kim Twiggs (Rio Tinto Dampier) Rio Tinto Dampier