Our Board Members

  • David Walker
    David Walker Chair

    Senior Ngarluma Elder
    Mr Walker has led the Brida Board since October 2013 and also serves the Roebourne community as the Chairperson of NBAC. Uncle David, as is he is respectfully known, is universally regarded for his determined work ethic and focus on the wellbeing of all the people of his country.

  • Bruce Monadee
    Bruce Monadee Director

    Senior Yindjibarndi Elder
    Brida’s most recent addition to the Board is Mr Monadee, who brings a fierce focus on local employment opportunities and an appetite for careful and respectful business planning processes.

Brida and NBAC’s Honour Roll

Brida recognises the responsibility taken and leadership provided by current NBAC directors and previous serving directors over our history. There are many more names for this honour roll, however those that can be sourced since the digital age include:

Previous Directors Honour Roll

Allery Sandy
Allum Cheedy (Dec)
Beth Smith
Beverley Taylor (Dec)
Cyril Lockyer (Dec)
Gladys Walker (Dec)
Judith Coppin (currently serving on the NBAC Board)
Kaye Warrie (currently serving on the NBAC Board)
Lorraine Coppin
Lyn Cheedy (currently serving on the NBAC Board)
Marshall Smith
Maudie Jerrold
Michael Boona (Dec)
Michael Woodley
Pansy Hicks (currently serving on the NBAC Board)
Pansy Sambo (currently serving on the NBAC Board)
Raelene Saylor
Sonia Wilson (currently serving on the NBAC Board)
Stanley Warrie
Tootsie Daniel
Trevor Solomon (Dec)
Violet Samson
Wendy Warrie (currently serving on the NBAC Board)