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Indigenous Engagement

Brida is recognised as the benchmark social enterprise in Western Australia. Proudly 100% Aboriginal owned and employing over 160 local people (zero FIFO), Brida delivers on career aspirations of ‘independence and pride’ for local people of many heritages. Currently 60% of our staff are Indigenous and we hold and an internal Indigenous Engagement stretch target of 80%.

For us, it’s all about the people – local people from many backgrounds. Brida’s people speak for themselves when they say:

  • Everyone is treated like family
  • We work as a team
  • I love getting up in the morning and seeing all the familiar faces
  • I have great mates – a great supervisor and a great team
  • You make good friends, work in a positive environment
  • I can make people smile
  • It pays the bills and feels good working with a great team
  • I am treated with respect
  • There is always something to laugh about everyday
  • Good work mates. I love my job. Love what I do. Put food on the table
  • I work with a bunch of good people and I need the money
  • I get along with my workmates. They embraced me with open arms
  • I got good bosses and good workmates. I get along with them. They all look out for each other which is what makes me feel great
  • All our teams are like family

Starting with the guidance given by our Board that ‘Daddy is a Gardener, Mummy is a Cleaner’, Brida embraces the fact that our people work hard because they have responsibilities outside work – to themselves, to their families, their culture and beyond. This foundation of operation ignites a capacity for personal goal setting and enables respect from multiple sources. Brida encourages a ‘starting right here’ approach to personal governance, self-assessment and benchmarking progression over time.

Brida’s Aboriginal Engagement Strategy centres on NBAC’s Ways2Work strategy. Ways2Work includes the Yirramagardu Crew, Red Dirt Driving Academy, and Ways2Work Labour Hire, providing a fresh approach to engaging local Aboriginal people and resolving their ‘right now’ needs.

This pragmatic and individualised approach to our community may be as simple as connecting a young person with a work opportunity, or other support such as developing skills, knowledge, certificates and confidence to approach the employment market on their own terms.

Driven by local knowledge, Brida’s outstanding local engagement is achieved by providing local people with;

  • Life skills
  • Cultural guidance
  • Health and well-being advice
  • Personal budgeting support
  • Self-governance tools
  • Goal setting
  • Guidance to make lifestyle choices
  • Support to attain required skills and disciplines
  • Promotion of solid work ethics and sharing knowledge about workplace structures and onsite responsibilities.

Brida’s team members are stable and happy, resulting in a staff turnover rate less than 3%. With a strong focus on supporting our staff in their personal development, we believe local people will carry our legacy into the future. Our employees are the leaders of today – tomorrow and beyond.

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