Our Senior Team

NBAC Chief Executive Officer 
Francois Langlois

Joining the organisation in 2017, Francois has applied methodical and uplifting management process to the growing operations of Brida and NBAC. Hailing from Mauritius, Francois has a unique and valuable perspective of the opportunities for First Nation people and has dedicated his career to working for public purpose. After successfully serving as the General Manager of Brida for three years, Francois stepped into the NBAC CEO role in 2020.

Email Francois: ceo@bindirri.com


NBAC General Manager – Corporate Services & Social Innovation
Catherine Fairlie

Sitting in the hottest seat, Amelia provides crucial support to the NBAC and Brida’s boards as well as the CEO and coordinates critical projects and consultant services. Amelia joins the team after several years spearheading the Chevron Ear Health program delivered through the Telethon Speech and Hearing organisation.

Email Catherine: gm@bindirri.com


Brida General Manager
Rhyss Whittred

Sarah stepped into General Manager in 2020 and has hit the ground running. As Brida continues to expand throughout the area, Sarah will ensure sustainable growth that aligns with our wider vision and values.

Email Rhyss: gm@brida.com.au


Brida Operations Manager
Terri Warry

Terri brings a wealth of safety knowledge and experience to Brida, having moved into this critical role after overseeing the Cape Lambert cleaning teams for more than two years. Originally from Gladstone, Queensland, Terri and her family moved to the Pilbara in 2014. She has a clear focus on ‘keeping our people safe’ and finding innovative approaches to safety within the business.

Email Terry: opsmanager@brida.com.au