Grounds Maintenance

Brida safely and reliably delivers a broad range of grounds maintenance services to exacting standards.


With pride in our daily activities and a friendly, reliable team of experienced groundsmen and women, Brida services delivers ground asset maintenance services that improve the value, safety and amenity of client assets.

Our services include:

  • Maintenance of public parks, gardens and sporting ovals
  • Landscaping, planting and mulching
  • Reticulation maintenance and management of water supply systems
  • Weed control, plant fertilization, plant pest and disease control
  • Pruning, brush cutting, plant removal and raking of plant beds/lawns, managing driveways, pathways, access roads and car parks
  • Nursery and plant propagation
  • Lawn mowing (broad acre, building surrounds, semi-cultivated, verge areas)
  • Maintenance of garden beds, shrubs and trees
  • Lawn maintenance (watering, disease, pest and weed control, fertilising, wetting agents, edging, brush cutting, high use areas)
  • Weed management (hand weeding, pruning, chemical free weeding, hand-held and mounted spray units, reporting, auditing, chemical registers)
  • Sweeping and maintenance of hard surfaces
  • Green waste removal
Service Map