Our Health and Safety

Safe Eyes and Ears Everywhere

Operating seven days a week, covering 100kms radius across five depots, multiple disciplines and sites, Brida is very proud to set the safety benchmark high, by accumulating 500,000 hours without a Lost Time Injury (December 2018), and still counting.

Brida brought local people to industry, however in return industry brought to Brida the discipline of Health and Safety. These two dynamics have been a catalyst for the pathway Brida has taken to make positive impact for local people and local industry partners.

The discipline of Health and Safety is where Brida’s operating culture creates change. Brida has crafted an internal dynamic that places health (including mental health) and safety as the cornerstone discipline of our work processes, our daily routines and our internal recognition.

Brida must get everyone home to their families, every day (remembering that ‘mummy is a cleaner and daddy is a gardener) and deliver a safe and healthy work environment, to ensure that our high safety standards are maintained.

More than just delivering on Health and Safety, the Brida team take seriously their opportunity to be ‘eyes and ears everywhere’ through their daily operations to identify risks and opportunities to improve health and safety across the entire work front. This empowering process has led to countless health and safety improvements for our clients, and attracted the recognition of two highly coveted M.A.D. Awards (Make a Difference) for safety improvements on RTIO sites.

This is achieved through:

  • Daily Quality Safety Engagement
  • Engaging and Empowering our Employees
  • Continuous Collective Improvement
  • Hazard Identification and Management
  • Current and relevant HSE Policies and Procedures
  • Task Specific Fitness for Work Program
  • Proactive Injury Management
  • Regular Safety Audits and Reporting
  • Empowered HSE Committee